Thursday, 27 October 2016

Lessen your back pain with water

Mountain biking through a remote part of Northland in the pouring rain, covered in mud taking a sip of water from my hydra pack reminded me about posting a blog on the importance of water for lessening back pain.

Did you know that our discs in our back are water soluble?  The best way I can describe this is to think of running a car with-out oil, it would eventually start groaning creaking, blowing smoke and then entirely seize up, or blow-up.  The same is apparent with our backs.  BUT, its not just our discs but our muscles too, simply drinking water also helps muscles to expand and contract.
So the next time you have pain in your back, I challenge you to review your water intake for the day.
How hydrated are you?  Did you drink enough before exercise, during and after?
Hydration is proven to reduce back pain.  Best of all, its FREE (unless you prefer bottled water of course!).
There is however one side effect….you will find yourself in the loo more than normal!
Although this may sound a little gross, I’d like you to ensure you check the colour of your urine as this is a very good indicator on if you are hydrated or not.
If you are weeing almost clear, then this is a good indicator that your hydration levels are great.  If you are peeing a dark yellow, then this is an indicator that you have not had enough to drink.  So, you want to be hydrating until your wee is clear….got it?
Of course if you have other medical issues, then this may not be the case, however most people find it a fantastic indicator.  If you are taking multi-vitamins or vitamin C, then this will not work as the excessive vitamins will colour your urine orange or yellow so it will be hard to tell.
I’d be interested in hearing how those of you who try this for a few weeks go- let me know if it reduces your back pain.


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