Claire Dixon - Testimonial

Claire Dixon - Testimonial - 2012

Training at Back2Fit has been amazing. I had spinal surgery in 2007 on my lumbar spine and never felt right since.  It was becoming increasingly difficult to straighten up in the mornings. With two small kids I knew I had to do something but had no idea where to even begin.  When I met Lyndal and heard her story, that she had been through spinal surgery also and had recovered and was doing all of these amazing things, I knew she would inspire me to get back to function and help me feel better.

The Back2Fit concept is great, you are assessed and taken through stages and built up at the right speed.  Lyndal paid such attention to my specific needs and having been let down by several medical professionals when I had my back pain I always felt entirely comfortable that Lyndal was knowledgeable enough not to cause any damage.  I never thought I was going to be able to lift weights or do press up's and now I do that PLUS I have been taught how to activate my core to support my back effectively in everyday life.

Personal Training at Back2Fit is most certainly the way to go if you have a back problem, I feel so much better and have the confidence to do so much more.  Now I feel I can do anything and am working towards a goal for 2012 only 12 months on from when I first started my journey with Back2Fit.