Jock Hale - Testimonial

Jock Hale Testimonial - 2010

"I met Lyndal late in 2009 while I was training for the 2010 Coast to Coast, my first attempt at any sort of multisport event.  We got talking about how my training was going and what I was doing with regards to nutrition.  I felt that I had the physical training under control, but nutrition was another story.  I thought I was eating well enough but after talking with Lyndal I knew that I could do better.

She has an excellent understanding of all the nutritional components that an athlete needs to consider and was able to explain them clearly.  From our initial meeting I went away and created a food diary. Lyndal then analysed the foods I was eating, worked out my daily inputs and advised on ways that I could improve my diet and bette meet from bodies fuel needs. From this information I modified my diet and began to see the rewards, longer training sessions became a little easier, and my recovery times improved.

On race weekend Lyndal provided nutritional guidance for my pre-race, race and post-race foods which helped contribute to my final results.

My results in the 2010 Coast to Coast were:
110th out of 258 competitor in a time of 15hr 37min 16sec
22nd Veteran Male out of 60
84th Male out of 193

The nutritional advise and support that Lyndal provided went along way in helping me achieve my targets of sub 16hr time and finishing in the top half of the field.  Lyndal has a real passion for what she does, and is a lovely person to work with so if you are looking for someone to help you achieve your fitness goals I would definitely recommend working with Lyndal.