Claire Dixon - Testimonial - 2012

Training at Back2Fit has been amazing. I had spinal surgery in 2007 on my lumbar spine and never felt right since.  It was becoming increasingly difficult to straighten up in the mornings. With two small kids I knew I had to do something but had no idea where to even begin... READ MORE

Samantha Atkinson - Testimonial - 2010

I first started training with Lyndal in one of her boot camp sessions that she runs with the staff at Business Mechanix.  Early on in the boot camp I discovered that I was pregnant and therefore unable to continue with all the activities with the rest of the team...READ MORE

Jock Hale Testimonial - 2010

"I met Lyndal late in 2009 while I was training for the 2010 Coast to Coast, my first attempt at any sort of multisport event.  We got talking about how my training was going and what I was doing with regards to nutrition.  I felt that I had the physical training under control, but nutrition was another story... READ MORE