Back2Fit Concept

Back2Fit is about re-discovering the courage to move forward with your life and not letting your back problems define you. Back pain can be all encompassing and can become the one thing that is always top of mind, however it does not mean your life has to stop!

Learning clever techniques to minimise your pain, working with specialists who can aid your back recovery in everyway is what we are about. No need to race around all over town trying everything in site to relieve your pain and to get better….come to Back2Fit, we have all manner of things relating to Backs under 1 roof.  We even have an extensive collection of Spines to show you the workings of your back in more detail…to help you to help us to get you BackFit.
The 7 stages of back issue we define are as follows:

TriggerInjury/ Accident/ Genetic - understanding what this was/ is
AssessmentEnsuring you are assessed by one of our trained & qualified back care professionals
ReferredReferred on to the correct back care specialist l- Physio? GP? MRI Scan? Exercise Consultant?
Pain ManagementEnsuring you have your pain-control and are aware of what level of pain is OK to work with and what is not
Stage GatingYou are progressed through the correct channels of re-hab or post re-hab or prevention at the correct time
EducationMaking sure you are aware of what your triggers are for back pain and how they occur or can be prevented
LifestyleEnsuring you know how to incorporate specific back-care: movements, exercises, re-hab, nutrition into your lifestyle so you are Back2Fit for life and you understand that these things will simply become habit once learnt