Founders Story

Get your back sorted. Nothing to lose, Everything to gain

Back2Fit's was founded on the belief that it is possible to lessen back pain, in some cases even make it disappear through targeted fitness, nutrition and exercise.  The founder of Back2Fit had spinal surgery, put on over 10kgs during re-hab and then lost it all again through her very own Back2Fit back care programme.   Knowing what it was like to crawl around on hands and knees and not know how to stand up....or later on not be able to sit down due to back pain so bad you see stars. Experiencing Sciatica so bad that feeling was lost in her foot.

Back2Fit is not a gym, nor a physio facility.  We are a targeted Backcare Centre which offers tailored Backcare Fitness Training from people who care....Back2Fit..come and see us today.