Samantha - Testimonial

Samantha Atkinson - Testimonial - 2010

I first started training with Lyndal in one of her boot camp sessions that she runs with the staff at Business Mechanix. Early on in the boot camp I discovered that I was pregnant and therefore unable to continue with all the activities with the rest of the team. Lyndal suggested that I start one on one training sessions with her as I had been suffering from the long term effects of a prolapsed disc injury in 2006, together with being overweight before pregnancy, having high blood pressure as well as managing Type 2 diabetes, so I was a bit of a challenge for her to take on!

Before training with Lyndal I was suffering from back pain every night and needed different methods of pain relief just to be able to get to sleep each night. One of the first things we focused on was strengthening my back muscles with various exercises and a training schedule. Within a week of doing the daily exercises Lyndal had prescribed, my back pain had eased considerably to the point where I was no longer in pain and could sleep comfortably, my posture had improved and I was beginning to lose weight even though I was eating more than before. Lyndal also prepared a nutrition plan for me and I noticed my blood sugar levels stabilizing within 48 hours and had a lot more energy and motivation throughout the day. In the six weeks since our first session, my doctor was also very surprised that my blood pressure had gone from always being higher than 140/100 down to an average of 115/70.

After 6 months of training and being 7 months pregnant with a sizeable bump, the team of specialists (Including a back specialist) that I see regularly at North Shore and Auckland Hospitals are amazed that my posture and curve of the spine is perfect (even for someone that isn't pregnant or suffering from a back injury). The specialists are amazed that I'm not suffering from any back pain at all and the curve of my spine has improved during pregnancy and that even though other muscles have moved as part of the natural pregnancy process, my back is still strong and the muscles surrounding it are well supported. I fully credit the strength of my back to the training that I have done with Lyndal because even though extra pressure is being put on my back due to the weight of the baby and change in body shape, I can honestly say that I don't suffer from any back pain at all. After every training session I feel about 4 inches taller, I sit and walk straighter and I feel so much more relaxed than on days that I don't do training or my exercises that were given.

I would highly recommend Lyndal as a trainer to anyone with back problems because she really understands what suffering and recovering from a back injury is like, having been there herself. The best compliment I can give is that the medical team that I deal with have repeatedly asked for Back2Fit business cards to pass on to other patients because they were so impressed with how effective her training has been with me in such a short period of time.