Back Care Wellness Session Content

Focused Back-Care Wellness Sessions

Dedicated personal backcare exercise session which is all about ensuring your back-pain and preventative backcare solution is the best it can be.

Assess & Measure
Commencing with a general health check- checking Blood Pressure to ensure general health is in check, moving into assessment of troublesome back issues from session to session, reviewing progress with innovative checks for transverse abdominals and back strength or areas relating to injury and pain and stiffness. Assessing other influencing factors such as daily work, stress and work/ life balance.

To get the session started, we move into a series of stretches, specifically design to ensure total back support during the stretch. To warm up and condition the muscles and joints for your specially designed back-care work-out.

Back-Care Targeted Workout
Moving into specifically designed workouts to target your areas of bother. Perhaps your hamstrings are too tight causing your lower back-pain. Maybe you are pregnant and need to strengthen you back specifically for delivery. You may have a work-out designed specifically to build strength in your abdominals to ensure good posture and back support.....perhaps you are an Athlete coming back from surgery, requiring advanced conditioning, keeping your backcare in mind...whatever your need, Back2Fit will tailor a programme specifically for you....and your back.

Many of our clients look forward to our back-release part of the session the most. These release exercises are designed to release pressure on the back. These are gentle and relaxing exercises. Some clients even say they feel taller after performing them, and definitely more relaxed. An innovative and important part of the total Back2Fit workout.

Assisted Stretching
After release, your trainer will stretch you- the ultimate luxury- having someone else stretch the parts you have worked during the session, ensuring muscles are adequately stretched prior to the end of the session and returning to your day or evening.

Of course the final part of your personalised Back2Fit backcare session is a shoulder massage from your trainer- this will leave you feeling relaxed and will help to melt away any final tension left in this area at the end of the session.